Nurol Bae Systems performed partnership with Germany Companies Developed Motor Control System


Defense and aerospace industry is a sector where the most advanced technologies are used, high investment is required and some very competitive elements play a role in the developmental level of the countries in the world. Developing our own national industry in these fields is emerging as a national necessity, and it is within our national goals to catch up the level reached by developed countries and become a world-renowned competitive power. In this challenging process, our government, research institutions, universities and industry organizations are working hard to continuously develop our technological infrastructure and compete in the global environment.

Nurol Holding closely monitors the developing technologies, does the necessary investments and aims to constantly develop in order not to be indifferent to this national struggle. Nurol-BAE Systems Air Systems Inc. [BNA] was establised to provide the most effective contribution to Turkey's past 80-year aviation passion and future goals, besides our initiatives such as FNSS, Nurol Makina and Nurol Technology.

The successes achieved with FNSS, the collaboration culture and trust that is created, encouraged them to invest in new generation aviation systems technologies, resulting in our joint venture with Nurol-BAE Systems.

BNA General Manager Eray Gökalp talked about the topic that; BNA has been established with the aim of adding critical technologies to our country's capabilities that has not been initiated yet and which are subject to external dependency and becoming a company that has reached the global competitive power and can export the products it develops. As it is known, BNA’s shareholder BAE Systems is among the top three companies in the world defense industry and is open to cooperation with their own technological infrastructure within our objectives. Nurol Holding's proven strong infrastructure, with its experience and strategic growth targets, will lead to a global player in the aviation systems field when BAE Systems combines worldwide brand identity and technological power. 

BNA aims to develop products that are strategically highly value added, innovative and competitive, and provide engineering support in aircraft design programs. This process will begin with the identification of the right technologies to invest in and the establishment of a robust engineering and research infrastructure accordingly. Our targeted priority technologies are; Flight Control, Engine Control, Fuel and Hydraulic Systems, as well as Low Observability, Training, Simulation and Virtual Reality.

IDEF'17, 13th International Defence Industry Fair, the date 10 May, AES CEO’s Bernard Jurczynski who talked meeting, he said that, “we are honored to make cooperation with BNA.”

Today, we are honored to announce the signing ceremony of the "Multi-Purpose Gas Turbine Engine Control System Development Project" between BNA and AES companies as an example of the strategic goals I have just mentioned and the first fruits of our investments. AES is a joint venture company established between MTU one of largest engine manufacturer in Germany and SAFRAN leading French company in the fields of aviation, defense and security. AES has opted for BNA in the current competitive environment for the development and production of the Engine Control System, which is at the top of the technology level and considered to be the engine's brain. For BNA Company, that this agreement, which also carries an important export characteristic for our country’s industry.