Aselsan - Integration of AKKOR PULAT to Unmanned ACV!

Issue 100

Critical information was shared about the Modernization Project of Armored Combat Vehicles (ACV) in an article published in Issue 105 of Aselsan Magazine. The article includes information that Aselsan is also carrying out technology demonstration activities, through its own resources, on unmanned ground vehicle application and integration of the AKKOR PULAT Active Protection System (APS), within the scope of the Modernization Project of Armored Combat Vehicles which was launched recently, in addition to its Main Contractor role in the Project. Related images were also shared in the magazine.

May 21, 2020. Aselsan, assigned as the Main Contractor in the Project launched for the Modernization of Armored Combat Vehicles (ACV)in the TAF inventory, will be responsible for the modernization of  the NEFER 25mm Weapon System it developed indigenously for the armored combat vehicles, Laser Warning System, Close Range Surveillance System, Driver’s Vision System, Direction Finding and Navigation Systems. As the main contractor and accountable for the entire system, Aselsan will also be responsible for the integration of the 3rd party sub-systems to the vehicles, such as armor, lining, mine protection, Automatic Fire Extinguishing System, CBRN (Chemical-Biological-Radiological-Nuclear) System, Air Conditioning System. Within the scope of the ZMA Platform Modernization Subcontracting Contract signed between FNSS and Aselsan on December 31, 2019, a separate contract was also included in the project for prototyping, qualification activities, integration of all mission equipment including the turret, serial production and logistics support activities regarding the platform, in addition to all modernization and improvement activities to be carried out for the platform.

According to the images shared in the magazine, an autonomous control unit, radar systems, ultrasonic sensors and Lidars (Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging) will be integrated to the ZMA within the scope of technology demonstration activities, and the vehicle will be transformed into an autonomous vehicle. On the other hand, AKKOR PULAT APS is also planned to be integrated into the unmanned (ACV) in order to increase its active protection in the combat environment. Considering that AKKOR PULAT APS intercepts projectiles 2-3m away from the vehicle, It doesn’t know for the time being in the light of the information shared whether a robust armor option is planned to prevent the effect of the Jet (remaining part of shrapnel) ATGM or RPG ammunition in pursuit of interception.