Meteksan Defence Awarded New Contract to Deliver Retinar PTR

Meteksan Defence signed a contract in a foreign country to supply Retinar PTR Perimeter Surveillance Radar as a result of international tender

Offering the high resolution advanced technology ground and perimeter surveillance radar systems optimized for human detection and recognition, Meteksan Defence was awarded a contract to supply Retinar PTR Perimeter Surveillance Radar to a new foreign customer.

With its small size and light weight, Retinar PTR is the man-portable model of Meteksan Defence’s Retinar Perimeter Surveillance Radar Family. The high-technology radar system is developed for surveillance operations such as perimeter security of critical facilities, border security, and agile surveillance carried by patrolling mobile personel.

Retinar PTR can be carried by two personnel in its special backpacks and can be used mobile on tripod with its batteries. It also generates the doppler signature of the target and provides classification information whether it’s vehicle, human or animal with micro-doppler spectrogram analysis.

Retinar PTR has been made ready for operation after extensive tests made in the field. It had been also tested by the customer in different areas and weather conditions during the tender process which the radar performed fully successful during all tests.