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Increasing Threats, Increasing Defense Spending and R&D activities on Critical Technologies

The World is going through a very rapid change. The destabilization and crises in the countries of the region have overtaken the borders of the world and that they are now affecting the whole Nations. Turkey is an important actor who can make a positive contribution to the solution of global and regional issues.

Due to its geopolitical position, Defense spending of Turkey will increase in 2017. Turkish National Defense Budget of 2017 is planned to be 28 billion 702 million Turkish Liras. 51.5% of this budget consists of personnel expenses, 8.8% to social security institutions for state premium expenses, 37.4% to purchase of goods and services, 1.5% to current transfers and 8% to capital expenditures.

Besides, over 300 projects are being executed within the auspices of SSM. There are projects with the amount of more than $ 9 billion existing merely within SSM’s portfolio for the year 2016. The significant programs such as the Indigenous Fighter Jet Aircraft, “Hürkuş” New Generation Basic Trainer Aircraft, Indigenous Lightweight Helicopters, Regional Aircraft, Milgem, Altay MBT are SSM’s priority areas.

Within the concept of increasing threats and in line with these major programs, Turkey has to develop its high technology and critical products. The development of these technologies is only possible with intensive R&D studies. R&D expenditures in 2015 were $ 904 million, with a $ 21 million increase from the previous year. 616 million dollars of this were project incentives, while the remaining $ 287 million dollars were from equity sources.

In accordance with the Turkey’s R&D activities and strategies on Defense and Aerospace, it is stated that autonomous systems that may come to the Turkey’s agenda soon. The automatization of the naval, land and air systems is one of the most discussed subjects. Laser technologies, rocket technologies, space technologies starting from various layers of the air defense systems, various fuel and control systems, radar technologies, engine development in addition to unmanned robotic systems and semi-robotic systems, cyber security, biotechnology, optical and weapon systems, intelligence systems, and electronic warfare are expected to be up-coming priority issues.

With the hope, decreasing threats, increasing R&D activities in 2017…

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Ayşe Evers
Publisher & Editor in Chief