153 meters long North Sea Giant built by RMK Marine was launched with a grand ceremony.

The construction of the North Sea Giant, which is one the largest vessels of its kind in the world, was completed by RMK Marine- the merchant and military ship builder company of Koç Holding- within a shorter period of time than committed. The

Date: Issue 19 - December 2009

The vessel, which was built for Norwegian North Sea Shipping Company, will also have a heliport and social facilities such as a fitness center, movie theater and sauna when its rigging is completed.

“Despite the increase in the amount of processed steel, revisions made in parallel with the technological developments and negative impacts of the global economic crisis, we are able to deliver the vessel earlier than the planned delivery date. Our shipyard will continue its success in similar projects to add value in our country’s economy” stated Mr. Kudret Önen, Vice President of RMK Marine in his speech delivered.

“As you are aware, the name is very suitable for the vessel. This vessel is really a giant, multi-purposed, open sea vessel. We believe this vessel will constitute new standards also for its similar kinds” said Karstein Klepsvik from North Sea Shipping Company.

RMK Marine jumped to no. 351 in Turkey’s top 500 Companies List

RMK Marine has for the first time taken place in “2008 Turkey’s 500 Largest Companies Report” announced by ?stanbul Chamber of Industry and ranked as 351st Largest Company.

RMK Marine has achieved this success with its superiority in merchant ships together with the Turkish Coast Guard Command Search and Rescue Ship Project signed two years ago and with the production of Oyster Mega Sailing Boats.