20 New Armored Vehicles Delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF)

Date: Issue 94 - September 2019

Under the coordination of the Presidency of Defence of Industries (SSB), the VURAN multi-purpose armored vehicle was delivered to the Turkish Land Forces Command within the scope of the efforts for supplying weapons, vehicles and equipment needed by security forces.

With the newly added vehicle in the inventory of the TAF, the objective is to increase the operational capabilities of security forces and their responsiveness to current threats. With the Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicles (TWAV) Project, security forces are supplied with new technological armored vehicles with enhanced security, maneuverability and mobility.

Within the scope of the Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicles (TWAV) Project, which aims to supply either advanced versions of the vehicles existing in the TAF inventory or the newly developed vehicles in order to increase the maneuverability and mobility of the security forces within the framework of the new opportunities offered by the technology, the delivery of VURAN vehicles recently developed by BMC has been initiated. The first 20 of the VURAN vehicles entered the inventory of the Land Forces Command. The VURAN vehicles were included in the TAF inventory for the first time, and thus a new armored vehicle was offered for use by security forces. Within the scope of anti-terrorism and border missions, the vehicles will be used to provide vulnerable area or facility protection, patrol between police stations, convoy protection, zone, point and road discovery, and physical border security.

VURAN has high ballistic, mine and handmade explosive protection. The vehicles are capable of high mobility with combat weight with powerful engines and drivetrains. The vehicles can be integrated with different equipment in order to perform various tasks. The VURAN, which is able to carry 9 crew members, can reach a speed of 110 kilometers per hour. The VURAN has front rear view camera, automatic fire extinguishing system, remote controlled weapon station, run-flat tire inserts and A/C with heating and cooling functions. Aselsan’s Sarp Weapon System, which is integrated into the vehicles, can be equipped with 7.62 millimeters machine guns, 12.7 millimeter anti-aircraft or 40 millimeter bombs.