3rd Naval Systems Seminar” will be performed

Defence Turkey: Could you please inform us about the mission and aim of Naval Systems Seminar? Our annual event provides a platform between the suppliers and clients who have the tre

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Defence Turkey: Could you please enlighten us about the the previous events held in 2008 and 2009?

“First Naval Systems Seminar” was performed on 21st of October 2008 by the teamwork of Elektronik Vadisi and TDI News Group with the support and participation of more than 500 audiences. Members of the SSM (UDI) and Coast Guard participated.

This success and enthusiastic support gave us the encourages to continue and last year we had performed our “2nd Naval Systems Seminar” on 12th of October 2009 by the support and participation of more than 750 audiences. Members of the SSM (UDI), Turkish Navy and Coast Guard participated as well. Supporting Organizations were SSM, SASAD, ODTU and TSS HABER GRUBU. Our Main Sponsor again was ASELSAN and AYESAS, DESAN Shipyard, FIGES, HAVELSAN, METEKSAN SAVUNMA, MTU, ROHDE&SCHWARZ, SAAB, SELEX, TRANSAS-RATELMAK, TÜB?TAK MAM, TÜB?TAK UEKAE, TÜRK LOYDU and YALTES supported us as session sponsors. Exhibitors in addition to our sponsors were ARTI Denizcilik, AEROMARITIME, ANOVA, EX-EN, GLOBAL TEKN?K, JOTUN, KATRON, LOBEL TEKNOLOJ?, ME-GE TEKN?K, M?KRO B?LG?, ODTÜ-B?LT?R and RHEINMETALL-AD (OCAG), SUAS?S, TEKNO KAUÇUK.

Last year, opening speeches of 2nd Naval Systems Seminar made by METU Rector Ahmet Acar, SASAD General Secretary Kaya Yazgan and Undersecreteriat of SSM Murad Bayar. Afterwards SSM Naval Platforms Department Head Serdar Demirel outlined the status of Naval Projects. Many high level officials including Turkish Navy and Coast Guard participated the opening ceremony and visited the exhibitors as well.

Defence Turkey: What is the latest status of the 3rd event be held between 11 and 12 October 2010?

This year “3rd Naval Systems Seminar” will be performed under the auspices of SSM (Undersecretariat for Defence Industries) between 11th and 12th of October 2010 for two days. Turkish shipyards will be participating for the first time. We are proud to announce that RMK Marine Shipyard and HAVELSAN are our Main Sponsors.

Sessions will cover the issues of Naval Platforms (Ship and Machinery) and the Naval Systems (Weapon & Electronics). Naval System Seminar in this year, with more attendees from different aspects of the Naval industry, shall also be very fruitful in the perspective of presenting current capabilities of national companies to potential domestic and foreign customers.

As present today; Figes, Meteksan Savunma, MilSOFT, Rohde-Schwarz, RTI & Tektronik, SAAB, STM, YALTES and Yonca-Onuk Shipyard have also decided to be our session sponsor. Art? Denizcilik, Defence Turkey, Global Teknik, Lopel Teknoloji and Jotun became our exhibitors as of today. Our Media Sponsor is Savunma & Havac?l?k Magazine. Our seminar is supported by SSM, SASAD, ODTÜ-B?LT?R, TSS HABER GRUBU and Defence Turkey.

Defence Turkey: Would like to add some message for our readers?

Naval Systems Seminar hosted by SSM has the target to become an international brand name in and around Turkey. Our seminar is open to all foreign and local companies. It is possible for them to give speeches and exhibit by being session sponsor of our seminar. Exhibition area is available and institutions or companies could also join our seminar as exhibitor only. It is important to underline that the participation of the audiences is free of charge and our seminar activities are financed by the support of our sponsors.

If you take part in our event, during this seminar you will have the chance to address and meet the members of all parties such as SSM, Turkish Navy & Coast Guard, TÜB?TAK, ODTÜ (Middle East Technical University), Turkish Lloyd and many experts from the Main Local Defense & Shipbuilding Companies and the Universities. It is really a good chance to meet your potential Turkish Defence Partners! Participation as audinance is free of charge if you register. You can enter to our website to have more information and register as audiance: www.navalsystemsseminar.com. We hope to see all of you there.

Can?m ?u iki yaz?y? iki ayr? kutuya alarak alt?n? gri zemin yaparak yaz?n?n sonuna ekleyelim

A message by Mr. Ufuk GÜÇLÜ General Manager of RMK Marine.

Started in 2008, Naval Systems Seminar (NSS) brings together Turkish procurement society with naval platform and system providers along with result-oriented programs that cover panel discussions, demonstrations of emerging technology and networking activities.
In contrast to global economic recession, Turkish defense market continues to grow with the increasing local content ratio. While various types of shipbuilding programs are under progress, a few more are on the way. This year, NSS is expected to reflect this growing potential and create common ground where local and international players meet. As of being a leading platform supplier, RMK Marine is very pleased to be main sponsor of this exciting event. We all look forward to meeting you at NSS.

A message by Mr. Serdar MÜLDÜR, Havelsan, Deputy General Manager, Naval Combat Systems

Having participated in the Naval System seminar last year, HAVELSAN enjoyed privileges to exchange up to date information between various role players within State agencies and civilian sides in National defense industry . Likewise; It provided valuable opportunities to us in order to introduce HAVELSAN’s high level of experience in Naval Combat System Integration area to all interested participants of this seminar.Furthermore, I would like to express my gratitude to organizer authorities of this seminar for their successful and sincere effort reflecting admirable professionalism.I sincerely believe that, Naval system Seminar in this year, with more attendees from different aspects of the Naval industry, shall also be very fruitful in the perspective of presenting current capabilities of national companies to potential domestic and foreign customers .On behalf of my company, I would like to wish success to organizers and participants of “Naval Systems seminar 2010”

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