4th ANKA UAV Delivered to Naval Forces Command

Date: Issue 101 - November 2020

August 24, 2020. Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ) continues the delivery of UAVs without slowing down. One more delivery of ANKA, which increases the instantaneous target detection, identification, tracking and destruction capabilities of the Naval Forces Command over the sea, has been completed.

Within the scope of the Operative UAV Supply Project, the 4th ANKA Aircraft was delivered with new capabilities after the completion of acceptance tests.  The SARPER +, SAR / ISAR / Naval Search Radar (Synthetic Aperture Radar), which can detect and identify surface and land targets remotely, detect and track moving targets, has been provided for the first time to the Naval Forces Command service on ANKA aircraft.

In addition, with the Automatic Identification System integrated to the UAV for the first time, ANKAs, which have been equipped with the ability to detect the ID information of all surface elements at a distance of hundreds of miles, are able to instantly transmit all radar, image and automatic identification system intelligence information to the Command Centers.

The modifications of the previously delivered 3 ANKA aircraft with the Automatic Identification System were also performed by TUSAŞ with this delivery. 

Thus, a total of 4 ANKAs, 2 of which have SAR and EO/IR cameras delivered to the Naval Forces, are used for 24/7 reconnaissance and surveillance missions at all our maritime borders from the Eastern Mediterranean to the North Aegean.