4th Aviation – Avionics Systems Seminar will be held

Issue 20 - January 2010

About 800 – 1,000 visitors are expected to attend this upcoming event is free of charge for the visitors. Most of the participants will be the members of the Turkish aviation and avionics sectors (Aerospace defence companies, civil aviation, aerospace or avionics departments of universities, and military schools, and so on). There will be two large seminar halls where parallel sessions will take place except the opening ceremonies and the main panel discussion. There will also be an exhibition area next to the seminar halls where the speakers will be available to answer questions and give more information about their business.

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) have already accepted to be our primary sponsor of the 4th Seminar. Among the key supporters of the seminar are, Turkish Air Forces (TuAF), Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM), Defence Industry Manufacturing Association (SaSaD), Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK) and The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), IEEE, Euromsg. The other seminar sponsors are Ayesas, Savronik, ACRA CONTROL, Cobham Avionics, LMS for the time being. Universities also participating and supporting, who have aviation departments, are Anadolu, Erciyes and Kocaeli Universities.

Elektronik Vadisi (Electronic Valley), the organizer of these seminars, for years now is a web portal and electronic magazine. Electronic Valley took the all responsibility to make this seminar better than ever. Mr. Richard Fielding, speaker of ACRA CONTROL, says that since attending these seminars from the beginning, he believes that there is such a growing level of interest from the growing Turkish Aerospace test and avionics industry that it does merit holding the Avionics Seminar once per year. In the 4th seminar, he will give two presentations. In the first session, he will point out the basic telemetry principals that cover the RF link components, standards, settings, diversity and RF link analysis. In the second session, he will explain the advanced telemetry principals that cover digital modulation / demodulation types, smart source selection and encryption.

The preparations for the 4th seminar were started immediately after 3rd seminar, surveying the requirements from all related people. In addition, there were many visits to collect the comments from the companies in Avionics sector, and the improvements listed below were made.

- In the 3rd Seminar, there were 19 presentations, now in the 4th Seminar there will be 32 presentations by adding some parallel sessions.
- In the Panel session, key General Managers from the industry will discuss the future avionics projects of Turkey. Mr. Sedat Guldogan, Manager of Aviation Department of Undersecretariat for Defence Industries will be the moderator of this panel.
- Keynote Speaker for this seminar will be Mr. Osman Y?ld?r?m, General Manger of Turkish Aeronautical Association (Mr. Osman Y?ld?r?m is also retired Pilot Major General from Turkish Air Forces)
- Mr. Mehmet Kum, one of the first pilots in Turkey, will present aviation history of Turkey.
- For young participants, TAI, Aselsan, Havelsan and Ayesas will have the additional seperate sessions for job opportunities in Aviation – Avionics sector in Turkey.

From the beginning, Savronik company have been supporting these seminars and plays an important role in avionics industry. Ms. Gul Kara from Savronik will present the avionics program of Savronik.

LMS, one of the sponsors and for the first time attending this seminar, will present “Multi-Disciplinary Flight Control Development and Its Integration Into Multi-Attribute Computer Aided Engineering Analysis Process.

The Main Sponsor of the seminar, TAI has already determined the 4 topics to be presented out of 6 sessions. These are as follows

1. Unmanned Air Vehicle Development / TIHA Project, Mr. Erol Oguz, Mr. Hadi Colakoglu, Mr. Baris Kayayurt

2. Avionics Integration and Flight Management Software Development / ERCIYES Project, Mr. Erdem Dagdelenler, Mr. Guray Yildiz

3. Integrated Modular Avionics Based Software Development and Verification, Mr. Yalcin Yildiz

4. Engine Indicators and Integration Methods in Modern Avionics Architectures, Mr. Yasin Kaygusuz

This seminar becomes very popular and a significant event in Turkey. The presentations will be in Turkish but foreign companies will present in English.