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5th Global Satshow will be Held on 1-2 September as Virtual Exhibition

August 25, 2020

This year, 93% of the participants are expected to be from abroad at the exhibition, where various new technologies will be used, especially the Augmented Reality (AR).

Emphasizing that the Global Satellite & Space Show has the highest number of foreign participants among the international fairs in Turkey, CEO of Capital Exhibition Hakan Kurt said, "The global satellite ecosystem has an estimated market value US$1 trillion. In our show, we bring together institutions, organizations, and companies that share the US$800 billion in this ecosystem with our participants. Only China and a few small countries don't participate in our show."

Stating that a webinar will be held with the participation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Liaison to AFWIC and Deputy Branch Chief Major Aaron Celaya and Dr. Joel B. Mozer from the United States Space Force, Kurt underlined, "We will listen to the speeches of the most important scientists of the Western World who work on Augmented Reality and Space." Kurt also said that Dmitry Loskutov, CEO of Russia's Glavkosmos company, will also be a keynote speaker at the event. "Thus, we will look at war and peace in space from the bipolar world. We will listen to the most prominent names of both Russia and the USA and follow their studies on space."

Additionally, the director of SpaceX Crew Dragon Mission, which enabled the US access to space again, will meet with the participants through the webinar on the future of crewed space flights.

The online exhibition, which will continue for two days, will have eight webinars, two keynote speakers, three Round Table Meetings, and several B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2G (Business-to-Government) meetings. Since intercontinental meetings will be held during the show, the online exhibition will be held on a 24-hour basis based on four time zones (Turkey, Greenwich Mean Time/GMT, London BST, and the US Eastern Standard Time/EST).