5th Ordinary General Assembly of SAHA Istanbul Held in Istanbul

Date: Issue 122 - May 2023

The 5th Ordinary General Assembly meeting of the SAHA Istanbul Defense, Aerospace, and Space Cluster was held on 6th May at the Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center of Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Campus in Ayazağa-Istanbul.

Haluk BAYRAKTAR, the Chairman of the Board of SAHA Istanbul, provided the press with an update on recent developments related to the SAHA Istanbul cluster and SAHA EXPO before the General Assembly. Noting that SAHA Istanbul, which was established in 2015 with 27 founding member companies, has now grown to become the largest industrial cluster in the European Union, he added, “The primary objective of our cluster as a non-governmental organization is to strengthen our defense industry and guide the companies willing to engage in this sector. Currently, SAHA Istanbul has 938 companies and 26 universities within its network. Of these, 80% are small to medium-sized companies, with only a few large-scale ones. SAHA Istanbul plays a critical role in ensuring successful companies from the private sector to support those new to the defense and aerospace industry and fostering collaboration between them. The third SAHA EXPO was held last year, with over 900 companies participating in the event. Numerous high-level delegations from various countries were also present.