Koç Holding’s shipbuilding yard RMK Marine active in the shipbuilding industry in a ceremony launched the first of the Coast Guard Search and Rescue Ships, the ‘TCSG Dost’ built for the Ministry o

Date: Issue 22 - September 2010

By winning the tender to build four Coast Guard Search and Rescue Ships within the operational requirements of the Coast Guard Command of the Ministry of National Defence, RMK Marine undertook the largest combat ship project in the history of the private sector, and the first boat within the coverage of the project, the “TCSG Dost” was launched with a ceremony to mark the occasion. Put on the slipway in October 2009 and launched in a ceremony today, the project is expected to be completed in September 2011. After TCSG Dost, the ‘Güven,’ ‘Umut’ and ‘Ya?am’ ships will be provided to the service of the Coast Guard Command within the project’s coverage.
Koç: We are pleased to have fulfilled our commitments on time”
RMK Marine, having won the tender opened by the Coast Guard Command of the Ministry of National Defence for four Coast Guard Search and Rescue Ships in 2006, became the first among civilian shipyards to carry out the largest military ship project.
Speaking at the ceremony, the Chairman of the Board of Koç Holding, Mustafa V. Koç reminded the participants that the contract relating to the project was signed between RMK Marine and the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries in 2007. Three years later being at the launching ceremony of TCSG Dost as first in the project from RMK Marine Shipyards provided him with great pleasure and stated that all of the construction activities were realized on time and within the coverage of the project.
Stating that RMK Marine, Otokar, Koç System and Koç Group were carrying out activities to achieve a strong national defence industry, Mustafa V. Koç said, “Our goal is not only to meet domestic requirements but also to continue with our investments in order for our country to have a share in world markets in this dynamic sector.”
Pointing out that within this framework, RMK Marine has formed a strong technical and technological staff, Koç said: “We have created the capacity, infrastructure and opportunities to meet the quality of technology required by our Naval Forces at our shipyards. In this way, how glad we are that as RMK Marine with all of our activities have realized the first warship of its size for our country within the coverage and time targeted for this day.”
Turkey must target being an exporter in the military shipbuilding market
Pointing out that among the sectors that Koç Group gives priority is the defence industry, the Chairman of the Board of Koç Holding Mustafa V. Koç stated that under the leadeship of the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries, they are following the projects and activities realized by the Undersecretariat with admiration and continued by saying:
“The point I want to strongly emphasize here is that just as developing the sector is important, the sector’s livelihood, providing sustainability and preserving its dynamism are at the same time just as important. In preserving the opportunities and technological values at our shipyards, important duties rest with our Undersecretariat for Defence Industries. In finalizing tenders and work undertaking for Moship, Ratship, LPD and similar projects, our country must target the military shipbuilding industry to develop it even more and be in a position to compete in the international military shipbuliding markets and ultimately be in a position to export these products.”
The first large warship built by the private sector
Touching on some of the important points regarding the RMK Shipyard on the Coast Guard Search and Rescue Ship Project, Koç Holding Defence Industry and Other Automotive Group President Kudret Önen pointed out that this project was the first and largest warship project undertaking by Turkish private sector shipyards.
Önen went on to say that, “As you know the ships to be built under the project is actually at Corvette size and tonnage. The ships are to be 88 meters long, at 1,700 deadweight tons and with a cruising speed at 22 knots. With an average of 92 personnel, operations up to sea state 6 and helicopter operations can be performed up to sea state 5 by the ships.”
Another important point for RMK Marine, emphasized by Kudret Önen, is to utilize the maximum domestic contribution where possible and that in particular with the selection of domestic sub-contractors that participate in the Milgem Project they have worked on raising the domestic rate and that in future military projects this will be their basic principle.
TCSG Dost’s personnel assigned
Önen continued his remarks by saying: “Today the first ship we will launch, the TCSG Dost’s personnel selection has also been realized. We have also completed a “ship personnel office” for use and training by officers and non-commissioned officers on two ships and rank-and-file soldiers on one ship. Thus, we have created a location where all of the ships personnel can carry out their activites and studies until the ship is delivered.”
Surprising remarks from Önen
Stating that they have surprises regarding the project calendar, Kudret Önen said that with the launching of the TCSG Dost, the body block of the second ship had been completed and that work on equipping the ship could be observed. Providing information on the third and fourth ship, Önen stated, “The body block of the third ship has been completed. When Dost is launched we will than launch the third ship and the sheet metal cutting on the fourth ship has commenced. In summary, work is continuing according to program and up to now everything is going fine.”
Produced with the most modern technology
Aside from search and rescue missions, the ships will carry out other activities such as patrol, prevention of smuggling, fire extinction at sea and prevention of sea pollution. By realizing domestic design and production of important systems, military command and control software and hardware, electro-optic director, communication systems, gyro systems and consoles, weapon and electronic systems platform integrations are taking place. The ships, with the support of helicopters, will be equipped to undertake all duties assigned through its operational capabilities.
About RMK Marine
• Founded in 1974 joined the Koç Organization in 1997 to become RMK Marine, the
shipyard provides services in ship and yacht building, maintenance and repair.

• Among the largest private sector shipyards in Turkey and which foresees expansion
through quality and high value added projects, RMK Marine is successfully competing
in international markets with the building of tankers, open sea ship services, tugboats, military
projects and luxury yachts with accumulation of knowledge and a wide range of products.

• With its expanded platform and electric design and electronic system sections, RMK Marine
was the first Turkish private sector shipyard in design and solutions within its company.

• RMK Marine with its expanded furniture workshop is the first shipyard to undertake the
design and manufacture of interior fittings for luxury yachts, commercial and military ships.

• RMK Marine is the only private sector shipyard to possess the “AQAP 2110 Industrial Quality
Assurance and Control Certificate” to meet the military criteria of the Quality Management
System. With this certificate it is the first private sector shipyard in Turkey whose design
capabilities have been certified.

• At 153.6 meters in length, the largest multi-purpose open sea construction ship of its kind, the
North Sea Giant was delivered in 2009.

• On 10 July 2007 a contract signed by RMK Marine with Oyster Marine for the building of two
100 and 125 feet Dubois design yachts, after completion in 2010 and 2011 will increase RMK
Marine’s recognition and market share in the luxury yacht category.

• The Nazenin V built by RMK Marine received the “Jury Special Award” in the over 45 meters
Best Sail Yacht category in the 2010 World Super Yachts Awards considered as the “Oscars”
in the world luxury yacht industry.

• RMK Marine has been placed 351st among the 500 Largest Industrial Companies in Turkey in
the 2008 Annual Report of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (?SO).