A focus on Strengths in 2017 to be the best in Selected Areas will Bring Certain Success for Turkey as a Key Global Player in the Aerospace and Defense Sector.

In an exclusive Defence Turkey interview with Boeing Turkey Managing Director and Country Executive, Ms. Ayşem Sargın, Turkey’s industrial capability, brain power and will power is discussed and how these important factors are setting up Turkey to succeed.

Issue 72 - March 2017

Defence Turkey: Dear Ms. Ayşem Sargın, first of all thank you very much for your time. Based on the impressions that you have gained since starting your position, how would you characterize the Turkish defense industry? 

Since I took this position, I had a chance to get a deeper understanding, and a greater appreciation of the Turkish defense industry. The progress Turkey achieved in upgrading industrial capability in defense is a success story. Over the past decade, defense projects played an important role in Turkey’s industrial growth, with the global business making experience and technical know-how this sector attracted to Turkey.