A Great Potential for Turkish-Italian Cooperation

Undersecretary, Italian Ministry of Defence, Mr. Gioacchino Alfano responded our questions on future industrial cooperation areas between two nations afterwards  his visit to Turkey at the end of March.

Date: Issue 60 - May 2015

Defence Turkey: What are your new strategies for coming future in terms of new programmes, new projects , new collaborations etc?

Italy has a long tradition of international cooperation in the field of Defence equipment both in Europe and out of Europe. The need of relying on increasingly complex defence systems, the heavy injection of high level technologies needed to cope with more and more demanding operational scenarios, coupled with the shrinking defence budgets, is making international cooperation a need rather than a best practice. International cooperation leads to common systems among partners, providing economies of scale during the in-service support phase, which in turn accounts for most of the cost of modern military equipment. In operation this approach makes interoperability straightforward while easing the sharing of in-service experiences and lessons learned among allies. All that to say that Italy will keep on seeking partners with whom to carry out defence cooperation programs, and international collaboration will remain a central element in the development of new equipment for our armed forces.