A Look at the Turkish Land Platforms Sector and Its NATO-Standard Indigenous Solutions

by İbrahim SÜNNETÇİ

Date: Issue 94 - September 2019

During recent years Turkey’s domestic defence industry has reached such a level of capability that it can nowadays meet around 70% of the military system requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF). Turkey’s defence and security procurement agency the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), has been meeting the TAF’s wheeled armored vehicles requirement from local sources since late 1980s. As one of the strongest sectors of the Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry, the Land Platforms Sector is now able to meet almost all of the Turkish Land Forces (TLF), Gendarmerie General Command (GGC) and Security General Directorate (SGD/Turkish National Police)’s requirements for tracked and wheeled armored vehicles with indigenous solutions. The next target in this field is the design, development and manufacture of a 3+ Generation Main Battle Tank (MBT) and New Generation Armored Wheeled Vehicles with an indigenous, locally manufactured power pack and armor steel.

Turkey has traditionally looked to its domestic suppliers to meet the TAF’s Land Platforms requirements, which has enabled the Sector to develop a comprehensive range of products, ranging from tactical wheeled vehicles (4x4, 6x6, 8x8 and 6x4), tactical wheeled armored vehicles (4x4, 6x6 and 8x8), armored reconnaissance vehicles (tracked and wheeled), armored internal security vehicles, mine protected vehicles, mobile floating assault bridges, riot control vehicles, amphibious armored combat earthmovers, armored combat vehicles and the ALTAY MBT, as well as modernization and upgrade solutions for APCs, ACVs and MBTs. Locally produced wheeled armored vehicles (WAVs) especially the Otokar’s 4x4 COBRA-I and COBRA-II, FNSS’ ACV-15 and KUNDUZ Amphibious Armored Combat Earthmover, Nurol Makina ve Sanayi (NMS)’s EJDER YALÇIN-I/II/III and BMC’s KIRPI MRAPs have been playing important role in Turkey’s war against the terrorist organization PKK and thanks to their high protection they saved the lives of many soldiers during recent operations by withstanding several roadside and IED bomb attacks.