A Message from Ms. Asuman Vangölü Head of Procurement Management Department of SSM

Issue 61 - May 2015

In Turkey, a modern defence industry using the national resources as a base was established by concentrating on domestic development model especially since 2000’s through the procurement projects that have been executed by SSM for the modernization of Turkish Armed Forces (TAF). During this process, our defence industry has transformed into a “production based on engineering and design” oriented structure from a “production under license” oriented structure. Meeting the needs of TAF by our local companies on the basis of “domestic development and production model” has been adopted as a national policy and thus, positive results have been received both regarding the modernization of TAF and development of our industry. It is aimed to implement such policy also in the forthcoming period.

It is obligatory to keep the systems delivered to the inventory available for service at desired level of performance and cost effectively during their term of usage since the homeland security is the primary need for defence. Our Undersecretariat regards as a strategic goal the implementation and dissemination of life cycle management approach that deals with the procurement and utilization phases as a whole for the systems developed and delivered to the inventory especially by the local companies regarding the modernization of Land, Naval and Air Forces.