A New 4x4 Tactical Armored Vehicle Order for Otokar

As the largest private equity defence industry company in Turkey Otokar signed a contract for a total value of 56.4 million TL for the 4x4 tactical armored vehicles. A Koç Group company, Otokar, as the lider in the design an

Date: Issue 29 - July 2011

In a statement issued relating to the contract, Otokar General Manager Serdar Görgüç stated that Otokar was the largest supplier of tactical armored vehicles in Turkey and that they were very proud to be of service to our country and said: “The design and production of our vehicles are completely Otokar’s and the success shown both in domestic and international markets makes us proud in terms of proving the design and production strength of our engineers and workers.” Görgüç further added that: “Within the coverage of the order, the armored tactical vehicle that will be newly produced is an armored internal security vehicle that we designed and developed in our existing armored personnel carrier platform at the end of last year. This vehicle began to be used last year in internal security services in our country. Receiving an order for this new vehicle is very important to us in terms of making the right needs definition and in the trust shown to Otokar. In the light of the current requirements of our internal security forces and in terms of global developments, our 4x4 armored tactical wheeled vehicles have been designed and developed with the most up-to-date technologies and will be provided to the services of our country within the current year.”

Otokar’s new armored internal security vehicle was specially developed for security operations. Equipped with technical features required by security forces, the vehicles include a new generation camera system and a fire extinguishing system at the wheels.

The 4x4 tactical armored vehicles to be delivered to Turkish security forces within the coverage of the agreement, is a new configuration of the most widely used armored personnel carrier (APC) of Otokar in the world. Up to the present time Otokar has produced more than 2,000 APCs and has exported more than half while receiving an important order from overseas last month