A New Platform from Presidency of Defense Industries to Support Artificial Intelligence Projects

President of Defense Industries Prof. İsmail DEMİR said, “We invite our rising generation to become a part of our artificial intelligence projects.”

Date: Issue 101 - November 2020

September 11, 2020. The application process has been initiated for candidate data labelers for the “Veri Kovanı” Data Labeling Platform which is soon to be launched into service by the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB).

Through this platform the aim is to acquire crowd-sourced labeled data required in Artificial Intelligence projects, particularly in the defense industry, collecting the labeled data sets in a single source, prevention of individual data centers and increasing the efficiency in projects in terms of time and workforce. Raw images and text data alone are not that valuable in artificial intelligence projects. Therefore, to add value to these images and data, they have to be labeled in a way to enable their utilization by the artificial intelligence algorithms. Increasing the amount and accuracy of the labeled data directly affects the success of the artificial intelligence projects developed. 

Within the scope of the “Veri Kovanı” Data Labelling Platform, individuals will be involved in the artificial intelligence activities of the SSB by labeling data. Each citizen wishing to take part in labeling will fill out the pre-application form at the website: “verikovani.ssb.gov.tr” 

Following the evaluation process, the candidates who are successful in training and tests will be certified and will start labeling activities on the “Veri Kovanı” Platform. 

President of Defense Industries Prof. DEMİR’s statement on this topic is as follows: “The reliable and verified labeled data sets that will be generated as a result of the “Veri Kovanı” Data Labelling Platform will substantially contribute to the artificial intelligence applications to be developed in our country. We invite our rising generation who are particularly enthusiastic in this area to be a part of our artificial intelligence projects by applying to this platform. Join this Project and let Artificial Intelligence learn from you.”