A Robust Collaboration Among Havelsan and Bites

Havelsan, ranked among the top 100 companies in the world in the field of Training and Simulation, continues its collaboration with the company Bites

Issue 80 - March 2018

Havelsan, one of the leading companies in the defense & aerospace and information industries, is strengthening its business ecosystem by expanding its cooperation with Bites, which was awarded as the longest successful business partner in 2017. With this agreement, the two companies continue to cooperate on the development of R&D projects in the field of training and simulation technologies.

Havelsan Training and Simulation Technologies Vice President Mr. Mehmet Akif Nacar and Bites CEO Mr. Uğur Coşkun signed the agreement during the ceremony. SSM MEBS Department Head Mr. Yakup Taşdelen and SSM Industrialization Department Head Mr. Bilal Aktaş attended the ceremony as guests of honor. 

This collaboration between these two leading defense industry companies is expected also to support competition in international markets. Together they have become a well known brand in simulation and training technologies in Turkey in accordance with the industrialization policy of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries.

Virtual Maintenance Training Systems to Stand out in the Havelsan and Bites Collaboration

 One of the four areas in which Havelsan and Bites are planning to cooperate in is Virtual Maintenance Training Systems. The training of technicians to work in the security-critical sectors such as aerospace through simulation-assisted virtual maintenance training systems have become considerably widespread recently in the world’s developed economies.

In this sense, meeting the requirements for qualified intermediate technical personnel in Turkey with advanced simulation technologies is critical.

Combining the global achievements and competencies of Bites with Havelsan’s international recognition and sectoral market dominance, there will be an environment that enables the development of a collaboration that can meet the needs of the country for the training of intermediate technical personnel with cost-effective training technologies.

Havelsan-Bites Collaboration in Strategic Position for Global and Local Markets

Bites CEO Mr. Uğur Coşkun stated that the agreement signed with Havelsan will have an impact also on a global scale and said: “Acting together with Havelsan through our strong partnership and collaboration in international competition will add value both to our country and our companies. Our products and capabilities gained as a solution partner to Havelsan, owing to successfully completed projects in Turkey, are increasing our competency in the international arena. By expanding this successful collaboration we have achieved success in the sector and we are moving it to global markets, we believe we have taken an important step for the branding of technological products and services in Turkey.”

Bites CEO Mr. Uğur Coşkun also expressed the following about the potential effects of such a collaboration on global and local markets: “Bites is currently operating in different countries together with the achievements gained in Turkey and is amongst the defense technology exporters of our country by taking place in TİM 500. The collaboration between Havelsan and Bites also involves synthetic environment modeling and content production required by the image generator infrastructure. This is the most important product of the American company Quantum 3D which Havelsan acquired in the past years. This will create a sustainable and competitive position for both global and local markets.”