A Success Story, 2.75” Laser Guided Missile, “Cirit”

Date: Issue 53 - May 2014

Roketsan is presenting the well known “Cirit”, the first 2,75” Laser Guided Missile under serial production since 2011, with a total of more than thousand units delivered to Turkish and UAE Armed Forces. This unique missile is an All-Up-Round Laser Guided System, developed mainly for new era/urban combat to fill the gap between unguided low-precision rockets and the heavy/high value antitank missiles. Enhanced features can be summarized as +8km the longest range in its caliber, Type V Insensitive Munition characteristics for rocket motor and warhead against Bullet Impact and Liquid Fluid Fire, Smart Launcher for missile pre-program before launch with customer fit configurations (DualPack, QuadPack...) and highly effective new warhead with armour piercing/anti personnel/incendiary capability. Combat proven Cirit, defined as the main weapon system of the Turkish National Attack Helicopter “T129 ATAK”, is being used on the AH-1W Cobra Helicopter and AT-802 Border Patrol Aircraft. Cirit continues to demonstrate its success with recent firings from various Arial platforms and also firing against moving targets and naval targets. Roketsan is in cooperation with Airbus Helicopter for the integration of Cirit on EC635 Light Combat Helicopter. Roketsan, in partnership with MBDA Deutschland, is also promoting Cirit for the EC665 TIGER Combat Helicopter (UH-TIGER) in the inventory of Bundeswehr.