A400 programme and GATE ELECTRONIC

A400 project is consists of the design, development and manufacturing activities of new generation military transport aircrafts that will take the place of C&

Issue 13 - December 2008

TP400, the biggest and most powerful propeller engine of the west, that is manufactured for A400M aircrafts, which is named as “FUTURE BIG TRANSPORT AIRCRAFT” considering its range, and transport capacity. It is highly important for Turkish Aviation Industry that the cooperation of TEI and Gate Electronic Inc. will take place in all design, development, manufacturing and post-sales support services phases of TP400.

Gate Electronic Inc. engineer team has been working on the software and hardware of FTIU which acts as an interface among TP400’s Engine Control, Engine Protection and Engine Testing Unit, manages and simulates signals intended for engine operations located in the cockpit of the aircraft. FTIU has necessary control and warnings that enables a testing operator to test it, and it has the ability to exhibit testing data instantly and save it to be evaluated later on.

• Maximum 130 tons of Takeoff Weight
• Maximum 32 tons of Useful Load Weight
• 555 km Cruising Speed
• 20 tons of useful load and minimum 6500 km ranged
• 9500 km Cruising Altitude
• Can carry 120 Commando and Parachutist or 66 litters, 10 sanitary personnel or 2 helicopters in the cargo cabinet, it has a throw-over control for parachutists and load.

Within the same project, Gate Electronic team has the necessary infrastructure to realize the maintenance and repair-overhaul of all avionics of A400M aircraft and develop Test Programme Set software of avionics and gain these capabilities to A400M aircraft. Gate Electronic’s activities on this project have been carrying on as fast as it can be.

A400M programme will also contribute and add value to our country and our aviation industry considering technological know-how, export potential and employment and it will lead Turkish Defence Industry to take place in other world wide cooperative design and development projects.