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Turkish Aerospace has achieved a new ability to aerostructure field by A400M program with the integration of "Directional Infrared Counter Measures" (DIRCM) system aerostructure parts for the first time to the MSN 105 tail number of A400M. The new system will detect and destroy incoming missiles via a missile warning unit and hand-held air defence systems directed to the A400M aircraft.

November 12, 2021

Being a stakeholder on Airbus Defence and Space with more than 5% share, Turkish Aerospace has succeeded for the first time "Design to Build," which is design data has been created by Turkish Aerospace, instead of "Build to Print," which is ready design data, on the A400M program. Turkish Aerospace is currently managing the production and delivery processes of 405 detail and sub-assembly parts for the DIRCM Project of A400M aircraft. With the integration of the DIRCM system, the aircraft gained a capability that will enable 360-degree detection of multiple missiles with its multi-target capability.

Currently, for the A400M program; Forward Center Fuselage, Tail Cone and Rear Fuselage Top Panel, Flaps / Speed Brakes, Paratrooper & Emergency Exit Doors, lighting systems, primary design and supply of waste/clean water systems, final assembly line management/support as well as design and manufacture of fuselage wiring, excluding the cockpit all interior and exterior lighting systems are all continued under the responsibility of Turkish Aerospace. Also, DIRCM structural design and analysis, equipment assembly design, retrofit solution design, detailed part production, assembly, and a total of 2 km of new cable manufacturing for each aircraft have been included in its business package.

Sharing thoughts regarding the integrated DIRCM system, Prof. Temel Kotil, President & CEO of Turkish Aerospace, said, "Turkish Aerospace continues to contribute to the aerospace abilities of our country by integrating aerostructure parts of Next-Generation Technology platform first time into A400M. We continue our perfect production and delivery processes in the A400M program, which is among the world's largest aircraft. I congratulate our colleagues who contributed to the success."

Having a 7 percent share on the A400M program, Turkish Aerospace has produced and delivered 135 aircraft shipsets to Airbus Defence and Space. The total program includes 176 A400M aircraft.