ACAR-K Radar is in the Inventory of the Argentine Armed Forces

Date: Issue 94 - September 2019

August 1, 2019 the reception of ACAR-K Ground Surveillance Radars produced for the Argentine Armed Forces was carried out with the participation of General Hector Prechi, Commander of the 2nd Army of Argentina. Within the scope of the acceptance activity, the ACAR-K Surveillance Radar was tested in different scenarios for the detection of pedestrians, light vehicles, tanks and helicopters in line with the request of the Armed Forces of Argentina. Testers from the relevant units of the Armed Forces of Argentina operated the ACAR-K radar. Operators said they were satisfied with the performance of the ACAR-K radar. After acceptance activities of the ACAR-K radar resulting in superior success, during the interviews with top ranking officers of the Surveillance Radars Command, the importance of integrated logistics support within and after warranty was emphasized as a service for the radar department of the Argentine Armed Forces. In the meeting, it was said that the need for ground surveillance radars in the coming period can be met with the ACAR-K radar. Following the user and maintenance and repair training given within the scope of acceptance activity, ACAR-K Radars were sent to related units and joined the inventory of Argentine Armed Forces.