Admiral Ronarc’h Class Frigates

The French Naval Forces always needs two types of frigates in its inventory. The high end, the most sophisticated and modern ones are needed to escort high value major warships such as the aircraft carrier FS Charles De Gaulle or protect valuable nuclear assets such as the Triomphant Class ballistic missile carrying submarines from enemy units.

Date: Issue 111 - December 2021

For missions of lesser value such as policing in French Overseas Territories, protecting exclusive economic zones, conducting maritime presence operations or performing other joint interoperability NATO/EU missions French Naval Forces need simpler, cheaper units. 

Currently the high-end units in the French Navy are the FREMM Class Frigates with its anti-air and anti-submarine warfare versions. 6 units are in service and the last two are expected to enter service in 2022. The five La Fayatte Class Frigates make the low-end part of French Naval Forces. When these very futuristic looking warships were commissioned in the early 1990’s they were the first true stealth warships designed. However, the La Fayette Class Frigates were chronically under armed especially in air defense. Although there is space reserved forward of the bridge for Sylver A43 octuple VLS launchers, this option was never exercised.