Advanced Military Capabilities of the MEADS System – Opportunities for the Turkish Defense Industry

The Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS) is a ground-mobile air and missile defense system intended to replace the Patriot missile system through a NATO-managed development. The program is a tri-national development of the US, Germany, and Italy. An Exclusive Interview with MEADS Program Executives Mr. Mirko Niederkofler and Mr. Luis M. Villanueva

Issue 72 - March 2017

Defence Turkey: Mr. Mirko Niederkofler and Mr. Luis M. Villanueva, first of all thank you very much for your time. You have a crucial role in the ongoing MEADS program under the responsibility of the US, Germany and Italy. Could you please tell us briefly about the initiation story of the MEADS program, the project model and the participation of partner countries?

Mirko Niederkofler (MN): First let me thank you for the opportunity for this interview with Defence Turkey. This is a great honor for us and we are very happy to answer your questions on the current status of MEADS and its opportunities for Turkey.