AGS: Raising star of Turkish Defence Industry

Defence Turkey: Turkish Defence industry become aware of the name AGS du

Date: Issue 18 - October 2009

Our company have “Facility Security Clearance Certificate”,NATO Clearance Certificate and “ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System Certificate” .We are in the progress of obtaining AQAP 2110 certification which we aim to finalize by the end of 2009
In the Defence Section, AGS carries references for Shelterization Systems and Units, Mobile and Stationary Generator Sets and Power Supply/ Distribution Systems, Electrical and Control Systems for 4x4, 6x6 and Similar Civil and Military Vehicles, Mobile Medical Treatment and First Aid Units, Video Surveillance and Security Systems for RIOT Control Vehicles and for all kind fixed and mobile tactical units and offers engineering / design / integration, procurement, manufacturing / assembly / commissioning / fast prototyping and project management services.

In addition of our above mentioned two fields of activity, our third field is Alternative energy systems in relation to the Generation of Clean Energy (from sun, wind and others) and Electrification Systems, Energy Distribution and Control Equipment.We are a member of ‘National Photovoltaic Technology Platform’ which is led by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and Ege University Institute of Solar Energy. Our company is also the member of EuroSolar/Turkey.

Defence Turkey : What are your goals and strategies?

AGS’s priority target was to increase recognition level at the IDEX 2009 fair. Towards this aim, our firm achieved to attract attention of Turkish and foreing firms and had the opportunity to corporate with them. We started to meet Defence Industry needs with our solution partner DALSTED Technology a Danish company from Scandinavian. Our last agreement is with SOLIANI emc s.r.l, who is providing customized Shielding Solutions for EMI/RFI/ESD/TEMPEST applications from Italy.
Later, we had another agreement with Micro Pulssi-Oy from another Scandinavian country Finland. Then, we made another corporation agreement with Gamma/Hungary for the KBRN Reconnaissance equipments and systems for mobile land platforms.

Defence Turkey: AGS agreed to be solution partnership with the Micro-Pulssi Oy. Could you please assess the relationship between Finland and Turkey?

Our solution partnership relation has been started in Autumn 08 and then became more strong after being an exhibitor in IDEF 09. I believe that our business relations will rapidly increase in the following years with the Micro-Pulssi Oy, who are producing automatic fire extinguishing and explosion suppression systems, especially for 4x4, 6x6 and similar mobile civil and military vehicles.

Defence Turkey: Could you please tell us something about the Micro-Pulssi Oy’s products?

Micro Pulssi-Oy has new generation product line as I said shortly before. The ExAct Titan fire protection system is, in fact, two systems in one – an automatic fire extinguishing system and explosion suppression system. The two systems offer different advantages and are applied in different situations.

The system detects and suppress all fires, whether slowly growing or instantaneous, small or large. The ExAct Titan fire protection system protects the crew and the vehicle against all flaming fires and against explosions and armour penetrations.

Defence Turkey: What is your vision to strengthen the cooperation between Finland and Turkish Defence Industry? What is assessment about developing the joint defence projects between the two parties?

Yes, we would like to use the systems for all kind of fixed and mobile tactical units in Turkish Armed Forces inventory as well as the new vehicles to be included with the new projects. In this sense , we are also continuing a feasibility study to increase for local content.