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By the decision of the Board of Directors, Ahmet AKYOL, President and Deputy General Manager of the Microelectronics Guidance and Electro-Optics (MGEO) Sector was appointed as the CEO of ASELSAN to replace Haluk Görgün who left the post of CEO of ASELSAN due to his appointment as the President of Defence Industry Agency by President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN

Date: June 22, 2023 Update: July 13, 2024

Ahmet AKYOL graduated from the Computer Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering of Kocaeli University in 2005. AKYOL received "Innovation Leadership" training at Stanford University and attended trainings on Electro-Optics and Communications at Cranfield University. Having completed his Master's degree in Public Administration at Yıldırım Beyazıt University, AKYOL is continuing his thesis studies. Ahmet AKYOL, who was born in İzmit in 1982, completed his military service as an ensign in 2006-2007.

Between 2007 and 2022, Ahmet AKYOL held various positions such as engineer, manager, consultant, Board Member and Deputy Chairman at the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Ministry of National Defence, TÜBİTAK, HAVELSAN and QUANTUM3D. He continued to serve as the Head of the Communication, Electronics and Information Systems (MEBS) Department of the Defence Industry Agency, where he was appointed in 2018, for three years. In 2021-2022, he served as the Head of the Electronic Warfare and Radar Systems (EHRS) Department at the Defence Industry Agency. During his tenure, he assumed responsibility for a large number of critical defence industry projects.

After his duties at the Presidency of the Defence Industry he was appointed as the Deputy General Manager of ASELSAN and the President of the Microelectronics, Guidance and Electro-Optics (MGEO) Sector by the decision of the ASELSAN Board of Directors in June 2022.

AKYOL, who continues to be a member of the Board of Directors of TÜBİTAK-SAGE and a member of the Sensor and Electronic Panel of the NATO Science and Technology Organization (STO) representing our country, is married and has three children.