Airbus Defence and Space Improves Air Surveillance Capabilities of Indonesian Air Force

MSSR 2000 I in operation in more than 30 countries now 

Issue 55

Airbus Defence and Space provides the Indonesian Air Force with the latest aircraft identification and air surveillance equipment, thus improving the air traffic control and air defence capabilities over the country’s more than 15,000 islands. The company has been awarded a contract by SBL Star Technology Pte Ltd., Singapore, to deliver two of its monopulse secondary surveillance radars MSSR 2000 I to equip the mobile air surveillance and tracking systems which will be operated by the Indonesian Air Force. The final delivery will be done beginning of next year. 

“Air traffic control authorities all over the world are facing continually increasing air traffic density,” said Thomas Müller, Head of the Electronics Business Line of Airbus Defence and Space. “Together with military air traffic, this situation requires a high-performance guidance system ensuring safety, comprehensive data exchange and efficient allocation of airspace. With our system in operation in around 30 countries we have proven our capability to provide a reliable solution.”