Airbus Defence & Space Produces 2,000th Target Drone

Issue 120 - February 2023

Airbus' Target Systems & Services has now produced its 2,000th drone in Friedrichshafen. The unmanned aerial system with the serial number 2,000, a Do-DT45, will be used in a military exercise at the training ground of Airbus partner Andøya Space Defence in Norway. There, it will be launched by an Airbus team via ramp, accelerate to up to 440 knots (814 km/h) and climb to 25,000 feet (7,620 meters) depending on the requirements.

In the air, the Do-DT45 can then simulate a range of threats such as: fighter jets, drones or cruise missiles, which customers can engage in with live fire. The operation does not pose any risk: Andøya Space Defence's training site is a restricted area; the remains of the target drone are disposed of properly.