Airbus Demonstrates C295 FITS Mission System Operated by Ground-Based Crews

Date: Issue 106 - May 2021

Airbus has successfully concluded a flight test campaign featuring a new capability for the C295 FITS mission system (COMMOMISS), which enables it to be remotely operated by ground-based crews. Carried out in April over the south of Spain, the campaign covered four flights and involved an Airbus C295 Intelligence Surveillance Recognition (ISR) testbed equipped with a Collins avionics package.

The aircraft performed standard maritime patrol missions with all sensors controlled in near real-time by a mission operator based at a ground station at Airbus’ Getafe site. Sensor control was successfully handed over to the ground control station, with different surveillance tasks, including Electro-Optical/Infra-Red (EO/IR) pointing control and radar management, performed by the ground crew using the Ka-band SATCOM. During the tests, the ground operator’s situational awareness was complete, sharing the same set of tools and apps available in the onboard Fully Integrated Tactical System (FITS) workstations, transforming the COMMOMISS ground station into an effective additional operator’s node.