Aircraft Engine Compressor Manufacturing Technology is now in Turkey

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Issue 17 - June 2009

The said project shall be realized by using state of the art manufacturing technologies which are used in aviation arena in the world; TEI shall become one of the few companies that own the technology in this area. New generation blisks and spools manufactured by advanced manufacturing techniques and high technology decrease the weight and emission in the engines significantly and enable higher performance through fuel saving.

Within the project scope, it is planned to make the production of blisk-spool of the 7 different components primarily for F136 engines to power Joint Strike Fighter; for GEnx engines to power Boeing 787, 747 and 748 aircrafts; for LMS100 used at frigates and in industry; and for CF6 engines to power Airbus 300/310/330 and Boeing 747/767 at TEI premises. While making production both for military and commercial engines, TEI will also be able to make the blisk technology applicable for aerial, land and sea vehicles. Under the scope of the project, 511 Million USD worth of business volume is expected between the years of 2010-2021.

TEI business share in JSF Project will reach to 2.9 Billion US$

TEI, participated in the JSF Project from the development phase through the contract signed with GE in 2004, is continuing its activities for the delivery of design and production services for F136 engines being developed by GE-Rolls Royce.

The critical design studies for F136 engines have been carried out by Turkish engineers at Turkey Technology Center (TTC) established as a result of the said contract in Gebze Free Zone with GE. Besides, the production of 13 different complex components of F136 engine has been produced at TEI Eskisehir facilities.

With 511 Million Dollars additional business volume, as a result of the said signed contract throughout JSF F136 engine program, the foreseen business volume for TEI will reach to 2.9 Billion USD levels.

The first time in Turkey…

TEI will play an important role also in design and development of new technologies for GE Aviation’s all commercial and military engine components. New founded engineering, production and repair technology capabilities, by courtesy of TTC, will carry TEI to a more important place as a design and technology developing partner rather than being a critical material producer to GE Aviation and engine service subcontractor.

“The advanced technology required blisk-spool manufacturing in aircraft engine compressor manufacturing is neither available in TEI nor in our country; today only 5-6 countries in the world have this capability” said Mr. Ak?n Duman, General Manager of TEI and added “Through the contract signed with GE, the blisk-spool manufacturing technology, which is one of the state of the art technologies in aviation sector, will be transferred to TEI and TEI will become the sole source or primary source in the world for the manufacturing of the components determined in the contract.” Duman also mentioned that “The financial support granted to the project by the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries will be of crucial importance for our country’s aviation industry to reach higher performance and ensure the sustainability of such performance reached.”

With the acquisition of blisk-spool manufacturing technology, TEI will become one of the leading manufacturers in the world holding the high-end technology in rotating engine components” said Mr. Chuck Williams, General Manager of Rotating Parts Center of Excellence- GE Aviation.