Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant’s Fire Fighting Training Simulator Complex to be Constructed by Meteksan Defence

Date: Issue 105 - April 2021

Meteksan Defence was selected as the successful bidder for the construction of the training simulator complex of the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), Turkey’s first NPP.

The Fire Training Simulator will be located the Akkuyu NPP training simulation complex and will be developed with the aim of training on firefighting methods, the use of equipment, as well as the training for firefighters under extreme conditions and environments. The container-based system will include a command control system, fire compartments, ventilation and heat monitoring, gas detection and extinguishing infrastructure. In the simulator, vehicle fires will be simulated as well as fire compartments where possible fires that can occur in daily life will be simulated, including living spaces, electrical panels and cable channels. 

Key features of the Akkuyu NPP training simulator complex: 

Realistic modeling of the environment and conditions to occur during a fire

Training of firefighting personnel without causing environmental pollution, considering occupational safety

Simulation of places affected by smoke, and the rescue of people under harsh conditions and who are exposed to a fire

Implementation of coordinated and most effective techniques, and use of intervention tools/apparatus during firefighting and rescue training in an environment where it is hard to breathe

Development of skills, knowledge, and practical skills in the use of appropriate firefighting clothing, equipment and other tools/apparatus to be used

Command-control, continuous monitoring and recording of the training by the operator