AKSA Run Flat Systems – Providing Assurance in Safe Mobility

Issue 77

AKSA Run Flat Systems was established in 2011 in Ankara, Turkey and has been serving the Turkish defense industry with the suppport of the Undersecretariat of Defense Industries (SSM).

As an innovative and leading Run Flat Systems solutions provider, AKSA Run Flat Systems not only fulfills the requirements of the Turkish defense industry, but also provides a wide variety of products that are in line with leading armored defense vehicle manufacturers worldwide. In addition, providing solutions for civilian vehicles are also an expertise of AKSA Run Flat Systems.  The company’s factory produces run flat systems for the police force and other public vehicles such as ambulances, buses, fire trucks, loaders etc.  With dedication, AKSA Run Flat has produced improved run flat systems to save human life.

Over the past six years, AKSA Run Flat has provided a range of different run flat systems for companies in the Turkish defense industry, including:  




Turkish police headquarters

Nurol Makina

Anadolu Isuzu

Best Grup

Turkish Army

Demonstrating their pride as a family business, AKSA Run Flat works to solve client challenges with efficiency, providing expert training and service. Unlike other big corporations, AKSA Run Flat is able to step in quickly to meet customer requirements; from obtaining materials, designing, producing, to assembling and testing, all efforts which benefit their customers in time and labor savings.  Key factors in the company’s success include their ability to offer:

Short response time

Advantages of speaking with a live representative

Short turnaround time for logistics

Flexible working conditions

Priority and urgency

The Republic of Turkey is taking proactive measures to increase the manufacturing of local products and to decrease dependence on foreign products. With the unequivocal and decisive support of the Undersecretariat of Defense Industries (SSM), local companies in Turkey, such as AKSA Run Flat, are able to confidently produce and sell their products in domestic and foreing markets.   Ukraine, Russia, Indonesia and Iran are now included on AKSA Run Flat’s growing list of client.

AKSA Run Flat is not just a company, they are truly a customer partner.