AKSA, The First Turkish tried-and-true “Run Flat Systems” OEM

Issue 68 - June 2016

The first Turkish Original Equipment Manufacturer, AKSA, established in 2011, designs, builds and delivers Run Flat Systems and also provides logistics support.  Its customers around the world are both prime contractor and merchant suppliers. Their main products are Run Flat Systems and assembly equipment’s for wheeled armored vehicles. In addition, customized Run Flat Systems are also supplied for Police and for the commercial market, such as ambulances, buses and private (VIP) vehicles.

AKSA has implemented more than ten (10) different systems and thus holds the status of being a major local and world class Run Flat Systems supplier. Most of the systems can be assembled without need of additional complicated machinery or with just small apparatus or specific tools. Due to the fact that their products are not made of only rubber material, there is no need large sized machines to remove the Run Flat system from inside of tire.  They are all designed with 2 or 3 parts and as such; the ease of assembly and disassembly is possible with regular or custom designed fasteners.