Aksa: Turkish Design & Production for “Run Flat Systems”

Date: Issue 70 - September 2016

AKSA Run-Flat System was established in 2011 in Ankara, Turkey. Since its establishment, AKSA has designed and produced “Run-Flat Systems” not only in line with the requirements of the Turkish Defense Industry, but also serving the needs all over the world for all types of wheeled armoured vehicles. In addition, apart from the defense industry, Run Flat Systems have also been produced for the Police, Public (ambulances, buses, etc) and Private (VIP) vehicles. This means that, there are a wide variety of  Run Flat Systems and they can be custom desinged and tested according to the needs of customers.

AKSA does not supply Run Flat Systems as an on the shelf product. First of all, they try to understand the needs of their customers. Then, they design and produce the Run Flat Systems and assemblying equipment and tools are also very important elements of Run Flat Systems. In addition, during the procurement procedure and following, all technical support is provided for customers with a short response time. Which means that, when a company contacts AKSA in order to supply a Run Flat System, AKSA becomes a good partner from request phase throughout assembly.