AKYA National HWT Torpedo being Integrated into the MÜREN PREVEZE Project

Date: Issue 105 - April 2021

Turkey's growing defense industry, with significant contributions of TÜBİTAK BİLGEM, continues to produce indigenous and domestic solutions for the defense of our seas.

In order to eliminate our foreign dependency in underwater combat management systems, our four PREVEZE Class Submarines in the inventory of Naval Forces are modernized with the "MÜREN PREVEZE Combat Management System (CMS)" developed by TÜBİTAK BİLGEM. Within the scope of the MÜREN PREVEZE CMS project signed on August 1, 2017, various capabilities such as integration with 20 different sensors and navigation systems, sonar signal processing, target movement analysis, ship navigation and modern heavyweight class torpedo launching are being developed by TÜBİTAK BİLGEM engineers with the cooperation of ARMERKOM and contribution of the Presidency of Defense Industries.

National Underwater Management System to Acquire National Heavyweight Torpedo Launch Capability with AKYA

The MÜREN PREVEZE CMS AKYA National HWT Integration Project was signed on March 8, 2021 between Istanbul Naval Supply Group Command and TÜBİTAK BİLGEM to add new features to the acquired ones. With this project, AKYA, the first domestic and national heavyweight torpedo developed by ROKETSAN, will be integrated into the MÜREN PREVEZE CMS, and our national combat management system will acquire national torpedo launch capability.

The factory acceptance tests of the MÜREN CMS for the first Preveze Class Submarine have been completed and its deployment on the ship continues. Following the completion of the sea acceptance tests for the first ship this year, the gains achieved with the MÜREN CMS will also constitute the basis for the National Submarine development efforts.