Alcatel-Lucent brings wireless communication to the zone of operations

Alcatel-Lucent participated IDEF 9th International Defence Industry Fair held on April 27-30, The company demonstra

Issue 17 - June 2009

The system promoted by Alcatel-Lucent establishes real-time communication between mobile units and operations centers. A portable modem and voice-image sensors placed on a user who moves within the coverage area of the CDMA network offer real-time voice and video transmission. In this system, rather than position detection which already is a part of the system and applicable, the real-time voice and video sharing gains importance. The voice and video recorded by cameras are instantly transferred to operations or command center. In other words, what a soldier in the battlefield sees and hears can be concurrently seen and heard by an offical in the center. Cameras and voice units are planned to be mounted to the helmets worn by people in the operations. However, the system realizes the mentioned functions on the basis of not only individuals but also vehicle and weapon systems.

Another critical feature of the system is that it is a flexible mobile cellular communication network based on portable and modular CDMA base stations rather than a fixed CDMA network established in the operations zone.

The system offers an ideal communication solution not only for defence industry, but also for all enterprises that operate in the field. Planned to be implemented in the international arena soon, the solution is expected to attract the attention of the Turkish Armed Forces, the related units of the Security General Directorate, disaster management organizations, and/or transportation (land and sea), health, energy and production companies that require voice and image transmission over mobile communication systems.

For the Alcatel-Lucent demo at IDEF Fair, related teams from the company’s offices in the US, France and Austria attended the fair to share their know-how and the details of the project. Besides, Germany-based BTC, a value-added business partner attended the fair and provide the necessary sub-applications required for the demo.

Ozden Ozben, Sales Manager, Defence and Security, Alcatel-Lucent Teletas said “This demo is a solution created by Alcatel-Lucent Teletas and BTC for a sales to be realized abroad,” He added: “The solution demonstrated at IDEF Fair for the first time in Turkey. I think the initial attention to the project will come from the Turkish Armed Forces and the Security General Directorate. The system is a unique solution developed by teams which include Alcatel-Lucent Turkey as well. Although there is not a ready and implemented project in Turkey, we believe there will be active projects after the demo.”