Alpteknik Aviation,Sister Company of Alp Aviation Aims to Provide Support Services

Mr. Yılmaz Güldoğan, General Manager at Alpteknik Aviation informed us about its service fields, responsibilities in Utility Helicopter program, future plan of Alpteknik Aviation for Defence Turkey Readers.

Date: Issue 53 - May 2014 Update: May 21, 2014

Defence Turkey: Mr. Güldoğan first of all I would like to thank you for your time. Having worked for TAI for 27 years in various positions, you have retired from the post of Manager of Strategy and Technology Management and then you have decided to take part in a new establishment and have been assigned as a General Manager at Alpteknik Aviation. Which factors brought you to Alpteknik Aviation? What would you like to tell about the objectives, developments and the vision you wish to set forth?

Firstly, I wish you success in your business life and of good quality magazine. I must say that I am quite proud to be a part of our sector’s leading company TAI family and its management team for long years and am happy to have contributed to its achievements. Then again, I am aware of the fact that a timely leave from TAI and thus letting our successors assume the task is a privilege and source of pride as much as working actively at TAI. I also believe that such changes are fertile for evaluating and managing the developments for persons as well as institutions. In my opinion, this step I took that brings improvement and change and my assignment at Alpteknik Aviation, an affiliate of the well-known and accomplished Alp Aviation, shall contribute to my knowledge, experiences, efficiency and performance and thus create a synergy. As Alpteknik Aviation, we aim to provide efficient and useful services and take part within a new approach based on systematic knowledge, experience and skills of Alp Aviation and Alpata Group in after-sales services. I am certain that this change and service approach shall contribute to our sector with aviation’s own cycle and interaction.