Altay Mass Production Program Open up the Tender Process

Issue 76 - July 2017

Otokar made an important public statement regarding the Altay Project Period-II Mass Production results on 9th June. In Otokar’s statement to the Public Disclosure Platform, it was stated that:

“Within the scope of the last special circumstances disclosure we made on 29.08.2016 regarding the Undersecretary for Defense Industries’ (SSM)‘ Modern Main Battle Tank Production Project’ (Altay Project), we announced to the public opinion that the BAFO (Best and Final Offer) was presented to SSM. In the memo notified today to our company by the SSM, it was stated that the administrative, financial and technical aspects of the offer were evaluated in detail yet the offer was not approved as no agreement was reached in the contract conditions, price factor being in the first place and that they decided to fulfil the need through a tender process. SSM’s statements on the process will be followed and the necessary disclosure will be made by our company in accordance with the relevant regulations, in case our company decides to participate in the tender.”

Within the scope of the mass production of Altay MBT program,  250 Main Battle Tanks are planned to be procured at the first stage.