ALTAY Turkey’s Experts in Military and Civilian Customer Specific Software

We talked with Alper ÜNSOY- Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer at ALTAY about the company’s accomplished projects at home and abroad, ongoing export activities and also its expertise on a global scale…

Issue 96

Defence Turkey: Founded in 1998 and performing activities in the fields of tactical systems, command control systems and corporate systems in military and civilian areas, ALTAY Software provides solutions using advanced technologies at international standards.  Could you please inform us on ALTAY Software’s performance for the first half of 2019 as well as the company’s 2020 targets and expectations?

Alper ÜNSOY: ALTAY was established in 1957 to provide consultancy, domain expertise and technical solutions. Our company was one of the first companies performing in such a field at that time. During its 62 years in the Turkish market, it has successfully conducted many defense and commercial projects and has been delivering significant services to public institutions, foundation companies and domestic and foreign private companies.

In order to create better solutions in the face of changing needs, in 1998  the company decided to proceed as ALTAY Software. Since then, it has been providing custom information technology solutions at international standards in military and civilian fields for more than 21 years.

Altay Software made Turkey's first defense software export to Norway in 2004 and all products exported have currently been serving the Armed Forces of 21 countries, including many NATO countries. Its main areas of expertise are Enterprise Resource Management and Planning Systems, Tactical Systems, Command and Control Systems, Simulation Systems and Test Systems. More than 60 products have been successfully launched so far.

Having adopted the principle of trust and satisfaction in its business conduct, ALTAY Software successfully delivers the software and technologies it has developed to important requiring authorities. Some institutions and companies that it delivers services to are the Ministry of Defense, National Security Council, Land Forces Command, Naval Forces Command, Air Forces Command, Aselsan, Turkish Aerospace, Roketsan, Havelsan, FNSS, TURKSAT, TOBB, Kongsberg Defense Systems, Kongsberg Maritime, Kongsberg NorcontrolIT, Kongsberg Geospatial, Norwegian Navy, South Korea Navy, Philippines Land Forces, Dyncorp, Telephonics, Denel Mechem, L3 Communications, L3 LINK Simulations, Gamma, Nitromak, Kocatepe Technique, Positive Drilling and Ankey.

In recent years, in the simulator field, we completed the HAWK XXI Communication Planning Simulator for Norway based company KONGSBERG; Link Training Simulator for NATO Air Defense Systems; Computer Aided Training Simulator and Augmented Reality Capability for Aselsan A100 Night Vision Monocular Project; Augmented Reality Project for Borusan-BMW company stores; Combat Aircraft Cockpit Simulator for the Jordanian Air Forces; Launcher Management Simulator and Weapon Management Simulator for Roketsan.

We are taking firm steps toward the future by increasing our business capacity each year, expanding our know-how and the number of companies/institutions that we work with. Our company is preparing to successfully wrap up 2019 as a year of corporate transformation, progress in projects and development of products. In line with the importance we place on qualified manpower, we are planning to continue the impetus we achieved in 2019 also in 2020 with our technical and administrative team which grows day by day, and to provide a superior level of businesses both at home and abroad. As ALTAY Software, we place extreme importance on cultivating institutional development so that is can be healthy and sustainable.

We aim to complete the F16 Simulator Maintenance Project for the Air Forces Command; Electronic Warfare Operator Training Simulator (EHOPES) Project for the Naval Command; Network Planning and Design Simulator Project for Aselsan in the field of simulators, and in the field of software MBS Application Software Update services that we have undertaken for re-organizing the New Military Service System of the Ministry of Defense, as well as many other projects that we have been executing.

By transferring knowledge that we acquired from the simulator projects mentioned above, to various products and projects, we look forward to making a difference and a big breakthrough in this field in 2020.

In the forthcoming period, we aim to create system solutions that quickly respond to the needs of our customers by bringing together small and medium sized companies with which we have established strategic partnerships and who are specialized in their fields. Our core team that we established with companies having deep technological expertise and diverse capabilities operates under a single roof in line with ALTAY's market experience and technical knowhow. We think we have established a devoted team and we believe we will put our sign under projects that will capture considerable attention.

Defence Turkey: What would you like to tell us about the main export activities of ALTAY Software, the most important export markets and the share of export in the company’s turnover? Could you also inform us on the share of defense and civilian products/software in exports?

Alper ÜNSOY: Turkey's software exports, which are estimated around US$ 200-250 million today, are continuously increasing.  With the momentum achieved in the last year the software market grew by 20% in Turkey, and we see that foreign companies are increasingly paying attention to software experts in Turkey. This plays a key role as  we see that recently many foreign companies have turned their eyes to software companies in our country and they are willing to create more business opportunities with these companies.

Today, one of the most important reasons why investors prefer our country, particularly in the software industry, is the low-cost but high-quality workforce that we provide. The rapid increase in costs in developed countries creates a situation where foreign investors tend to start looking toward countries that have a low-cost but qualified labor force.

ALTAY Software accomplished Turkey's first defense software exports and we strive take firm and resolute steps forward  with each passing year. We want to increase our exports either by taking part in the systems exported by main contractor companies or by being a direct software solution partner of foreign companies. We focus utmost efforts on achieving an export volume that is sustainable, increasing our export potential in existing markets, accessing new markets and expanding our product range. In line with our objective to increase our export activities, we also are pursing a level of exports that will constitute an important part of our total sales figures.

In the recent period, we have made value-added agreements with foreign companies that will allow us to gain various capabilities. One of our most important goals is to continue these projects successfully in the forthcoming period and to increase the number of foreign companies with which we work, recognize and appreciate the strong support of the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB).

Defence Turkey: What would you like to say about your new software, which was developed within the scope of the Smart Production Management System and Test Infrastructure & Automation Project.  It was released last year for Digitalization in Industry (Industry 4.0) exports and can perform automatic testing and debugging on software running on the chip (chip). What is the level of interest for this software on the export market? What type of feedback have you received so far?

Alper ÜNSOY: With the new revolution called Digitalization in Industry (Industry 4.0), the entire production and value chain from the first supplier to the end user is fully integrated using the most advanced digital technologies. With these technologies, a Smart Production infrastructure is created in which all the data generated in all processes are stored, processed with user-defined formulas and algorithms, is transformed into significant information for process managers through Big Data Analytics, and autonomous production processes are established with rule-based scenarios in the system architecture, where all the equipment in the production area is identified with a special internet address. In other words, an ideal integration of all hardware and software within the company's assets is aimed.

The software that dubbed as Smart Production Management System enables SME-sized companies to monitor and manage their production. The system has two important features, one of which is that the machines communicate with each other, and the other is the physical monitoring of the products on the production line. While monitoring the production lines, we ensure that the production is planned correctly, the production processes are properly implemented and the production rate is increased. This software is integrated also with the companies’ accounting and other corporate applications. In the coming period, we will try to rapidly expand the capabilities of this product and make it widespread.

With this product, companies will be able to see that they can achieve sustainable improvement. In this way, we anticipate that the demands from many companies will continue to increase and the product will mature and serve our customers efficiently.  Many companies wish to complete the process of digital transformation and especially the companies in OSTİM show considerable interest in our efforts on this matter. To this end, we are exerting great efforts with OSTİM Management and OSTİM Technical University in order to lay the foundations of a structure that will turn into a product family together with our digital transformation team.

Defence Turkey: What would you like to say about the types of software your Company currently uses in projects at home as well as abroad? 

Alper ÜNSOY: Our Company has many projects abroad. We have developed and delivered 4 different types of software to KONGSBERG, a Norwegian based defense industry company operating in the fields of unmanned aerial vehicles, air defense systems, and the security and efficiency of vessels, for  the NASAMS II Air Defense System, and we have increased the number of countries to which we exported our products to 21 during the last 15 years. 22 different types of software that we developed are currently used in 21 countries comprising the U.S, Germany, Australia, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Philippines, Finland, South Korea, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Qatar, Lithuania, Malaysia, Norway, Poland, Chile, Oman and Greece.

Defence Turkey: Could you please inform us on ALTAY Software’s R&D approach, number of R&D personnel, amount of R&D resources allocated to R&D studies activities that were certified as an R&D center by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology as of June 2017?

Alper ÜNSOY: Having adopted the R&D and innovation culture in Turkey, offering continuous R&D activities through innovative approaches, developing new products and technologies, ALTAY Software delivers services with its more than 150 R&D personnel at its own facility that spans 2,650 m2. Our facility, certified as an R&D center by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology since June 15, 2017, has an information processing center and laboratories where CMMI-3 level software design and development, testing and inspection as well as R&D activities are conducted. ALTAY Software facilities have “National Secret” and “NATO Secret” Facility Security Clearance.

We, as the company, regard our human resources as our most valuable treasure. For us, one of the main criteria regarding human resources quality is time. Therefore, we allocate most of our time to R&D activities.

While the changes made to adapt software or an infrastructure to a new application or customer are outside the scope of R&D, redesigning certain modules of software, changing its technology and infrastructure are considered as to be a new R&D study. Therefore, our new R&D software that provides specific solutions and our efforts to gain added value to the currently used software are part of our R&D activities. With more than 62 years of experience and know-how and a company culture based on long-term sectoral experience, our Company develops custom solutions for projects and applications, qualified solutions and conducts R&D studies in the following areas of expertise:

Command and Control Systems

Simulation and Training Systems

System and Software Test Solutions

Tactical System Solutions

Tactical Data Link Solutions

Autonomous System Solutions

Sensor Integration and Data Fusion

E-Government and Institutional Solutions

Industry 4.0 Solutions

Integrated Logistics Support Solutions

Defense Products and Services


Industrial Products

Mine Clearance Services

UXO Clearance Services

Unexploded Ammunition Clearance Services

Defence Turkey: As a company registered by the Norwegian Armed Forces, ALTAY Software is authorized to participate in Norway's top secret projects. On May 1, 2019, you signed a cooperation protocol with KONGSBERG at IDEF 2019 with the participation of the President of the SSB Prof. İsmail DEMİR. What would you like to tell us about the scope and objectives of the protocol?

Alper ÜNSOY: On May 1, 2019, ALTAY Software signed a cooperation protocol with KONGSBERG, one of the leading technology companies in Norway. The signing ceremony was held with the participation of the President of Defense Industries Prof. İsmail DEMİR, ALTAY Software Chairman Murad DURAL and KONGSBERG Vice President for Missiles and Marketing Hans KONGELF.

Delivering a speech at the signing ceremony, President of Defense Industries Prof. DEMİR stated that two rival companies operating in the same field established fruitful cooperation and expressed that it would be an important precedent for international collaborations to be made in our country.

Being aware of the potential of the software and defense market in Turkey, KONGSBERG wants to take part in our country’s related market by developing solutions to meet the needs of institutions. To this end, the company has made strategic cooperation with us and considered ALTAY as part of its ecosystem. As Mr. Murad DURAL, Chairman of the Board also stated at the ceremony, the protocol covers a 4-year period and as ALTAY we aim to add at least 3 new countries to our collaborations in the coming period.

Defence Turkey: Could you please share with us ALTAY Software’s vision, targets and expectations for the next 10-20 years?

Alper ÜNSOY: Since our establishment our vision has been and continues to be that we offer special solutions with added value to our customers in the light of our knowhow, experience and professionalism achieved by applying universal business ethics.  We will continue to engage in activities on the local and international market within the framework of the win-win principle by improving our capabilities.

We are working intensively to become a company that directs the technology of our age in the field of software, simulation and defense systems in our country and in the world, taking all necessary measures for customer and employee satisfaction and developing solutions in accordance with quality standards. Without slowing down, in line with this goal, we believe that ALTAY will become one of the companies that will be positioned in the defense and aviation industry pyramid just below the main contractors.

Defence Turkey: Would you like to convey any other messages to our readers?

Alper ÜNSOY: Today, the software, simulation and defense sector is a dynamic market that is changing day by day, creating new needs and opportunities. As ALTAY Software, we endeavor to increase our experience and develop our capabilities by placing importance on building a qualified work force in order to meet these changing needs and to provide diversified products and services. In order to respond to the needs of our customers appropriately, we constantly advancing our experience and projects in software, simulation and system solutions.

We are focusing on developing system solutions that respond quickly to the needs of the market.  Our team is built as companies are brought together having superior experience and specialized talents. At the same time, we are always ready to work with all institutions, organizations and companies in line with this target. We would like to sincerely express that our doors are open to those who are looking for a reliable and capable solution partner in software, simulation and defense systems