Ammunitions Transfer System for the FIRTINA Howitzer Ammunitions Vehicle

The Ministry of National Defense signed a contract worth 71 million TL with ASELSAN on 24 December 2009 for the Ammunitions Transfer System for the Self Propelled (“FIRTINA”) Howitzer Ammunitions Vehicle Project

Issue 20 - January 2010

With the Ammunitions Transfer System (MTS) fast and secure ammunitions transfer to the FIRTINA Howitzers will take place and in this way the combat effectiveness of the FIRTINA Howitzers will increase to a considerable extent.

The MTS for the FIRTINA Howitzer ammunitions vehicle as required by the Land Forces Command will be developed by ASELSAN and integrated to the ammunitions vehicle produced by the 1st Main Maintenance Center Command.

The MTS will provide the vehicles the ability to automatically transfer ammunitions in a rapid manner at the required location and time and the necessary amount to the FIRTINA Howitzer. In this way, the FIRTINA Howitzer will be able to rapidly change location following a firing duty and accomplish its mission without subject to return fire from the enemy.

Thanks to the MTS, the ammunitions supply vehicles will achieve numerical integration with the ADOP-2000 system and the FIRTINA Howitzers thus providing exchange in messages; identification of its location; dispatch to the specified position; maintain an inventory of ammunitions and relay this information automatically to high command headquarters and execute duties in conjunction with fire control centers.