An Important Step in Norway-Turkey Defense Cooperation

An Industry Day took place at the Rixos Hotel in Ankara unde

Issue 20 - January 2010

The event was attended by the Undersecretary for Defence Industries Murad Bayar, the Norwegian National Armaments Director Leif Lindbäck, Head of the Department of International Cooperation of SSM Lütfi Varo?lu, the Norwegian Defense and Security Industries Association (FSI) President Torbjorn Svensgard and about 30 other defense industry companies from Norway and Turkey.

After the opening remarks and presentations by Murad Bayar, Leif Lindbäck, Lütfi Varo?lu and Torbjorn Svensgard, Aselsan, Bar?? Electronics, SDT, TAI, Konsberg, Milsoft, Yakupo?lu, Simrad Optronics, Roketsan, Koç Sistem, Corena, Milsoft ICT, Savronik, Conpower, STM, Havelsan and Ispas made their presentations and provided information to the participants on their capabilities and technologies. In the second session bilateral discussions took place between the companies of the two countries.

In his opening remarks at the Turkey-Norway Industry Day, Murad Bayar stated that cooperation in the defense industry between Norway and Turkey goes back to a long time and that the JSF Project had brought the two countries’ industries closer together.Bayar emphasized that within the framework of cooperation in national industry, the requirements of both the Norwegian and Turkish Armed Forces as well activities with third countries that have close relations with Turkey can take place.

In his speech the Norwegian National Armaments Director Leif Lindbäck indicated that Turkey and Norway share a common ground in that both countries are joint members of NATO and that they have a large geography and coast line. He further added that due to Norway’s geopolitical location defense expenditures are above European norms and that they possess a small but a R&D and innovation focused defense industry. Lindbäck stated that the Norwegian defense industry has important ongoing activities on missiles and munitions, sea, information and communications technologies The Director briefed the participants on the NASAMS air defense and the NSM/JSFM antiship missile systems.

The Head of the Department of International Cooperation of SSM Lütfi Varo?lu, after providing a brief statement on the organization of SSM, explained the Turkish defence industry’s capabilities, its unique products, exports and R&D activities. Varo?lu also added that exports had reached 780 million USD and that R&D expenditures were nearly 150 million USD.