An Important Step Taken in the Production

Ankara, 5 September 2011 R

Date: Issue 30 - October 2011

The UMAT Center being built at TUSA? Ankara facilities in which TÜRKSAT A.?. is participating financially, will undertake the assembly, integration and testing of communication, observation and scientific satellites that will be developed in our country. Within this coverage, the TÜRKSAT-5A communication satellite, in line with the request of TÜRKSAT where the project model will be under by TUSA? as the principal contractor, will be developed and produced jointly by TUSA? and TÜRKSAT expert engineers as a national project. All forms of capabilities in satellite and aerospace technologies of our country will be used in this project.

As the regional leader in satellite operations, TÜRKSAT also aims to strengthen its satellite fleet with local satellites that will cover the globe and to this end TÜRKSAT continues to support the satellite and space technologies of our country.

In a joint statement TÜRKSAT General Manager Özkan Dalbay and TUSA? General Manager Muharrem Dörtka?l? briefly gave the following message: “This project undertaking in terms of meeting the increasing satellite needs through a national effort, is not only an important technological gain but is also directed to exports to other countries with high value added products which is very meaningful in identifying the point Turkey will attain. Activities will be realized jointly at every stage by the two companies and benefitting from all scientific and technological opportunities in our country will be the basis.”

According to the protocol signed at TUSA? facilities on Monday, 5 September 2011, the development and placing in orbit of the domestic communication satellite is foreseen to take place in 60 days.