An International Space Activities Conference by TÜBİTAK & ESA

An international conference titled

Issue 8 - January 2008

A great number of foreign institutions ticipated in the conference which was held on the initiative of TÜBITAK so as to assess the developments, technologies and potential about the space subject in recent years in Turkey and in order to constitute cooperation mechanisms.
Right alongside the European Commission, European Research Centre, European Space Agency,
United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, European Space Policy Institute, Netherlands Agency for Aerospace Programs, Romanian Space
Agency, German Space Agency, British National Space Centre and International Space University; representatives from England, ermany,etherlands, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria,Malta, Spain, Estonia, France and Czech Republic are also among the
participants of the conference.German Space Agency and UnitedNations Office for Outer Space Affairs also support the conference that was
held within the scope of “Agreement Between The Government Of Turkey And The European Space Agency Concerning Cooperation In The Exploration And Use Of Outer Space For Peaceful Purposes” which was signed between TÜBITAK and ESA in
15 July 2004. In the conference in which Turkey’s
space program, capacity and capabilities
were introduced, competence and requirements of the parties were determined and programs and fund
resources that will support joint projects
were examined by handling the space policies, space programs and institutional structure in Europe and Turkey.Determination of the joint workspace of the participants, developing of the
concrete project ideas and constituting of the continuous cooperation mechanisms which will provide effectuating these were aimed with the conference. The conference is described as one of
the milestones of the space activities of Turkey. Right along with this, the conference
carries the characteristic of being the first in the world in terms of getting together of the European scientific institutions in a common platform.