An Overview by Mr. Bilal Aktaş, Head of Subsystems Department of SSM

Date: Issue 61 - May 2015 Update: May 05, 2015

When we look at the developments emerged in recent years regarding the defence industry, we see that Turkey is now able to design and produce its own national tank, missile, vessel, unmanned aerial vehicle and many electronic systems. These systems’ acceptance and usage by requiring authorities, especially by the Turkish Armed Forces has at the same time increased interest to our country’s defence industry products. However, when exporting such products on the basis of subsystems, it may be necessary to obtain the permission of other countries from time to time. In order to respond to the demands of foreign markets rapidly, the production of some critical subsystems by local industry becomes even more important. Within this context, the Department of Subsystems was established with the objective to specialize in subsystems and for the purposes of:

Identification of critical subsystems that would serve to multiple platforms or systems and execution of projects that would allow their domestic production,