An Overview of STM`s Underwater and Surface Platforms Construction/Modernization Capabilities

STM’s Naval Projects Directorate, Combat Systems Group Manager

Date: Issue 113 - April 2022

Today, I’d like to present STM’s current engineering infrastructure, which is the largest private ship design and engineering company in Turkey with its engineering capabilities and engineering staff of more than 250, for naval projects, and to convey the design and construction capabilities on military surface ships and submarines gained through the projects undertaken in Turkey and abroad as well as its vision. Our company was established in 1991 with the decree of the Defense Industry Executive Committee to provide system engineering technical support, project management, technology transfer, logistics support and consultancy services to our Turkish Armed Forces and the Presidency of Defense Industries.  Activities were initiated for the naval industry in 2005 with the MILGEM Project, and within this structure supported by the Presidency of Defense Industries, the Naval Projects Directorate was established within STM. During human resources planning for this department, the main principle adopted was to preserve intellectual accumulation throughout the country in this field with the experienced personnel who took part in the design and construction processes of the submarine and surface ship construction projects, especially like MILGEM and other projects executed by the Naval Forces Command, and to transfer the necessary experience and knowledge to young engineers who are newly employed.

The STM Naval Projects Directorate performs activities in the field of engineering at a total of 7 different locations, at Teknopark Istanbul, ADA Shipyard, Istanbul Denizcilik and RMK Marine Shipyards and at offices located in two different shipyards in Karachi within the scope of our ongoing projects in Pakistan. With our staff of more than 250 and our activities for the design and construction of military platforms, including surface ships and submarines, we continue ship design, project management, material/equipment/system supply, platform systems, system integration, infrastructure facility improvement, feasibility studies, indigenization activities, integrated logistics support and services, and R&D studies.