Anatolian Eagle Exercise 2022/2

Date: Issue 115 - August 2022

As one of the 3 important aviation tactics training centers, the Anatolian Eagle Training Center (AETC) hosts many training exercises such as; in September 2010 the Türkiye & China “I know Kungfu in Bilateral training”, March 2012 Türkiye, USA “Anatolian Falcon”, September 2014 Turkey & Pakistan “TUSAP Raiders”, March 2015 Türkiye & Azerbaijan “Turaz Falcon”, April 2015 Multinational “Isik-EX” search and rescue, May 2015 “Nato Tiger Meet”, which demonstrate the capacity and ability to plan and execute different training and exercises.  

The AETC was established to prevent the loss of pilots who may be lacking in experience of possible future wars, to prevent loss of aircraft during times of peace, and to exchange experience across nations and forces. In order to bring these aims into reality, in 1997 the Turkish Armed Forces conducted a study with six F-16 aircraft in the Turkish Air Force with 57 personnel that had joined the Red Flag Exercise at Nellis AFB and began to create the main structure of the AETC. With infrastructural work between 2000-2001 and the Anatolian Flag exercise held at Incirlik Airbase in 1998, also with the work of the Head Quarters June 2001, Electronic Warfare Systems, additional working spaces, accommodation buildings were completed, and the center reached the capacity it has today.