ANKAREF-IoT Service Provider

Ankaref that has been founded in 2007, is a METU-TECHNOPOLIS based R&D company, which started to work in order to develop the “national solution” and add value to the national manufacturing and export, with IoT (internet of things) and M2M (machine to machine) Technologies. Within the body of Ankaref, more than 80 employers are currently working and more than half of this population is consist of R&D engineers.

Issue 72 - March 2017

Ankaref that proved its success in international arena, has been awarded as “The leading RFID service provider” in 2009, placed in IT 500 in 2010 and also qualified for Europe Business Award in 2012.

Ankaref had started to serve The Turkish Ministry of Health with vaccine and anti-serum cold chain monitoring and stock tracking system project in 2013. With this project, Ankaref has been monitoring the cold chains of vaccines and anti-serums on more than 12.000 end points country wide up until now. Through Ankaref’s solution, the cold chains of vaccines and anti-serums are being conserved properly until they are applied to the patients. With the environmental data which has been collected from the locations, the quality of the healthcare service is dramaticaly improved. In addition, this project has been appreciated by WHO (World Health Organizations) due to the success and effectiveness of the project.