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Another Game Changer from the Award-Winning Turkish Shipbuilder: ARES 32 PREDATOR & DAGGER

ARES Shipyard, well known for its fast & robust naval vessels, has revealed a new generation interceptor solution that will dramatically change the perceptions of interception in the naval operations theatre.

Date: January 24, 2023 Update: January 24, 2023

The new 32-meter interceptors have over 45 knots of speed and very high maneuvering capabilities for fast interception and hit & run missions up to Sea State-6 conditions. With a range of 2.000 nautical miles, the vessels have an operational coverage of more than Exclusive Economic Zones, challenging the existing fast attack craft solutions in the inventories of navies and coastal security institutions.

ARES 32 interceptors have been developed in two variants with identical designs according to the payloads onboard.


ARES 32 PREDATOR is configured with ROKETSAN’s new generation, two single-canister CAKIR cruise missiles with an effective range of over 150 km, in addition to quad-cell shorter-range L-UMTAS laser-guided missiles, where the DAGGER variant is equipped with two quad-cell infrared/laser-guided missiles for relatively shorter-range targets.

Both ARES 32 PREDATOR & DAGGER variants have 25 mm or 30 mm remote controlled auto stabilized naval weapon systems on the fore deck for closer range sea or land targets. Furthermore, two 12.7 mm machine guns are located on the upper deck for asymmetric threats such as pirates, smugglers, or illegal human traffickers.


ARES 32 PREDATOR & DAGGER craft have the latest technology combat management systems, X and S-Band radars, electro-optic surveillance and designation systems, and an RHIB with a ramp on the aft deck for boarding and SAR missions. Thanks to the state-of-the-art design solution of ARES, the vessels have very low RCS and infrared signatures as a self-defense figure by nature.

ARES Shipyard’s CEO, Mr. Utku ALANC, made a statement about the new product release: “We have developed ARES 32 PREDATOR and DAGGER in response to two solid and serious inquiries from the Middle East and Africa where the end users are confidential at the moment. Thanks to our immense experience in fast & robust naval solutions, ARES 32 interceptors will soon be the new game changers in naval operations theatre. With these new generation interceptors, we will change the perceptions of interception, challenging the existing fast attack craft solutions in collaboration with the Turkish missile manufacturer ROKETSAN.”