Another World Brand from Anadolu Shipyard

Following the LCTs,  Anadolu Shipyard is preparing the LSTs 

Date: Issue 43 - May 2013


Within the scope of the LST project, the agreement for 2 amphibious ships that shall contribute to the administrative and logistic task functions of the Turkish Naval Forces and which shall support international peace, provide assistance in natural disasters (DAFYAR), shall be used in non-combatant operations such as humanitarian aid and evacuation operations during peace was signed in 2011. The manufacturing of the ships was launched. The talks for the financing of the project between the Undersecretariat for Treasury and Ziraat Bank resulted positively and the agreement was signed by the parties. Following this procedure, the credit process of the project was accomplished with the Council of Ministers’ approval of the agreement. With the enforcement of the credit mechanism, within the scope of the Amphibious Ship (LST) Project, a sub-contract agreement has been signed between the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation companies Aselsan, Havelsan, İşbir Elektrik Sanayi A.Ş. and Anadolu Shipyard. National Defence Deputy Minister Hasan Kemal Yardımcı, Undersecretary for Defence Industries Murad Bayar, Aselsan General Manager Cengiz Ergeneman, Havelsan General Manager Sadık Yamaç, İşbir’s Members of the Executive Board and officials from the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries and a great number of invitees attended the ceremony that took place in Anadolu Shipyard’s facilities in İstanbul. With this sub-contract agreement Aselsan will be providing the electronic systems, Havelsan will be providing the combat management systems and İşbir Elektrik will be supplying the generators of the ships.